About This Site

We enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people. We take as many holidays as we can to do just that. For some years I’ve also followed a number of digital nomad blogs which got us thinking about travelling full-time ourselves. After much talk and little action, we are now ready to give it a go.

We are taking a year out of our lives in London to give the nomadic lifestyle a try. I am taking a sabbatical from my corporate IT job. Brett has become a contract web-developer and software engineer. Our plan is spend a year enjoying all the beauty and experiences the world has to offer. We will be practicing “slow travel”, staying long enough to get to know each place beyond the popular tourist sights. We are starting in South America; Uruguay will be our first stop. Beyond that, though, we aren’t setting anything in stone.

This blog will be a place for me to chronicle our journey — hopefully developing my photography and travel writing in the process, while also providing friends and family with another window onto our trip.

So, come along for the ride! Put your email address in the Subscribe box to the right and check us out on your choice of social media: We have a presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

See you on the road!

Who Are We?

Born in the Northwest of England, I didn’t really travel until after university when I started working as a Holiday Rep (well, with a degree in computing, what else would you do??). Travelling the world sowed the seeds of the nomad in me and, although I eventually settled down and got a ‘proper’ job, the travel bug was in my blood to stay!

As well as travel, I enjoy messing with technology and taking photographs. That’s the other thing you’ll see a lot of from me; pictures of the places we go. Writing the blog is a way of charting my personal journey and improving my writing skills. I don’t know if it will always be interesting to you, but it will always be me, talking about what happens when my dreams collide with reality.

A Texan who found his way to English shores. While my professional passion lies in developing software, I have a long-term passion with choral singing, having sung in various choirs (including Danish!) since the age of 12. Now working freelance to support a traveling habit.

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