When we wrote the Do Over post, I fully intended to write several more posts over the succeeding months to document progress in preparing for our Big Trip. However it turned out that, between being very busy at work and the logistics of getting rid of most of our belongings and storing the rest, I haven’t had sufficient time or motivation to write anything.

So it may be a bit of a surprise to read this and discover that we fly to Brazil on Tuesday!

south_america_pAfter our layover in Rio though, the next few weeks are going to be fairly quiet on the travel-blogging front, so I will put together a few more detailed posts about our itinerary plans (such as the are!) and our packing lists, to give you an idea of what we are doing.

As a very short summary, though, over the last few months we have managed to substantially downsize our belongings, leave the remainder with my parents for safe-keeping and rent out our flat for the year. We’ve just got the farewell parties with work, friends and family to go this weekend and then we board a British Airways aircraft bound for Rio de Janeiro.

We have two nights (one full day) there before we fly on to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, which is where we are spending two weeks decompressing at a hostel on the coast before really doing anything. Towards the end of October, we will move on to begin our adventures proper, probably in Argentina. That said, so far, nothing is set in stone; we want the flexibility to travel at our own pace and be spontaneous.

So, watch this space. Even while we are chilling in Uruguay, I am going to try to post a photo to Instagram each day and there will probably be shorter informal updates posted directly to our Facebook page from time to time.