I started this blog a little over four years ago. At the time, we planned to become digital nomads and travel the world. Before we were able to make it happen though, various “stuff” happened in our lives and we never actually committed to doing it. We kept the blog going though and documented our holidays and other trips when we could; Kilimanjaro, Cambodia, Rome, China.

Four years later, things have changed again. Our “stars” have aligned and we are finally in a position to set off for a year of exploring the diverse beauty of planet Earth: I have agreed a sabbatical from my job starting in October and Brett is moving to contract work, so he will have a lighter schedule. We are currently selling off our surplus belongings so that we can rent our flat out while we are gone.

We will be practicing “slow travel”, staying long enough to get to know each place beyond the usual tourist sights. We are starting in South America; Uruguay will be our first stop. Beyond that, though, we aren’t carving anything in stone. One of the key features of this trip will be going with the flow and not setting ourselves (and so becoming a slave to) any kind of demanding schedule.

As for the blog, since we created it the travel blogging and digital nomad space has been well filled with experience and advice; living with only what you can carry in a backpack is not so unusual anymore and certainly no longer the preserve of gap-year students. As a result, the blog is probably going to be more about me practicing my travel writing.

There will surely be enough jealousy-inducing posts of Brett and I living the dream. There will likely be some of the more practical “10 Things You Should Do…” type posts. Mostly though, it will document my thoughts and impressions of what I see and what I learn. Think, “Eat, Pray, Love,” without the messy divorce and written by a jaded middle-aged corporate exec, sometime open-minded, sometime highly-opinionated, keen photographer and aspiring global citizen. It will be a personal, real-time account of my dreams as they collide with reality.

How does that book end? Nobody knows yet.

So, sign up for the ride! Put your email address in the Subscribe box to the right and check out our social media bases at the top of the page. (We are counting down the last hundred days on Instagram!) Constructive comments and advice are always welcomed.

Thank you.