For only having gotten into bed at 01:30, I was wide awake at 06:30 and, while I revelled in the snugness of the bed for a time, I was up, showered and dressed before 07:00. In the kitchen Chris had laid out the makings of breakfast and as I was getting coffee sorted Mark appeared to say hello. He is pretty busy at work at the moment, so could only chat for a short while before he had to leave and I finished breakfast with Chris on the veranda.

There were no firm plans for the day and, after the speed of events on the tour, we were both ready for an easier pace. A couple of hours online, then we headed out to a nearby spa for a deep-tissue massage before food. Brett got a manicure and pedicure too as he was feeling particularly indulgent! While we were on the couches, the heavens opened outside and the monsoon rain came down. It was quite a soothing background to the massage but had moved on by the time we were done. Talk about good timing!

We tried the Freebird restaurant for lunch and I had a very nice cheeseburger – it could almost have been a diner in the US somewhere, if they weren’t chatting in Khmer behind the bar.

Brett kept admiring his perfect fingernails.

Mark was home briefly around 5pm and we all took Theo out for a walk in a park near the Royal Palace. Sadly he rarely gets let off the lead because of the risk of dog theft! People will tempt your dog away and then grab them into the back of a van and you never see them again. Nasty stuff!

It was interesting walking around the park. Lots of people were out, either kicking a small football around a circle of guys, playing badminton with a friend or joining in one of the several line-dancing-style aerobic sessions that were taking place around the place. In one case two sessions were taking place directly across from each other, so it was hard to work out quite which music people should be moving to…

Mark had a work event to attend in the early evening, so we hung out with Chris and enjoyed pre-dinner spring rolls along with a G&T or two before getting a tuk-tuk off to a restaurant called Deco. Mark joined us when his thing was finished and we dined on some really delicious food. I started with Scotch Quail Eggs, followed with a succulent piece of roast chicken and had probably the best Sticky Toffee Pudding I’ve ever had for dessert! Soft, flavourful and not overly sweet, it was a perfect finale to the meal. This city has suddenly become Phnom nom nom Penh!