It’s quite depressing to realise that we haven’t posted anything here in six months. It is also an indication of how hectic our lives have been in the first half of 2013 that I didn’t really notice the time passing!

Anyway… it’s time to revive the dormant travel blog, for we are going travelling again!

This evening we set off for a two-week break in Cambodia. We arrive into Bangkok tomorrow afternoon and spend a day there before heading overland to Siem Reap. After a few days exploring Angkor Wat we meander southwards, making several stops before we end up in the capital Phnom Penh, where we leave the tour (it goes on to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam) to stay with our friends Mark and Chris who are currently living there.

Getting ready to set off. Me and my bag at the office. We’re travelling light; just hand luggage!

Taking our inspiration from the Never-Ending Voyagers, Simon and Erin, we are travelling with just hand luggage; no big backpacks or suitcases. Even so, we reckon we have enough clothes to see us through two weeks in a tropical environment, as well as Kindles, a laptop, phones and cameras to keep us amused, take good photographs and publish to the blog as we go. I expect we’ll need to wash some items as we travel and I suspect we’ll need to top-up the sun lotion and insect repellent on the road, but we’re giving minimalism a try! It’s quite a change from last year when I set out for a weekend hiking around Scotland and got endless ribbing from Chris for carrying so much unnecessary junk on my back…

Apart from me suffering the after-effects of a cold, our spirits are high. While I visited Bangkok many years ago, this is the first time for both of us in Cambodia so, along with the minimalist packing, it’s the start of an adventure for both of us on several fronts. I hope you enjoy the journey along with us!

So, that’s it for now; the rest of today is about tidying my desk, hopping on the Tube to Heathrow (at 6pm? Hmm, that’ll be fun!) and then boarding a Thai International 747 bound for Old Siam! See you on the other side!