So, this is officially the first post of the new blog, Just Go DO It. It’s intended to be a travel blog. We are setting it up now in preparation for taking time out from our jobs and lives in London to travel around the world together. I (Liam) have blogged quite a bit before and like writing about my travels, so I may post some of my previous trips up here too, but this post is the official first. This is the start of our Big Adventure.

As things will inevitably change as we get further into this project, I reckon it’s worth writing down our thinking and expectations at the start – if for no other reason than to give us something to chuckle over in two years’ time when we look back and realise how naïve we were!

I’ve loved travelling ever since I was a tour manager for a holiday company. I enjoy exploring new places, learning new history and getting to know the people and their culture. Travel opens the eyes and broadens the mind. In an ideal world, some kind of modern day ‘Grand Tour’ would be mandatory for all young people. If I’m honest though, I’m not setting out with the dream of having my mind broadened. Although I imagine that will be a positive side-effect, I am going simply because I enjoy seeing and doing new things.

There’s also a part of me which is a little bit proud when I go somewhere new. As if I’ve proved something to some invisible, nameless detractor who told me I couldn’t do it… but maybe that’s too much on an insight into my psyche for the first post, so let’s look at what this website is all about.

It was about twelve years ago that I wrote my first travel journal. It was handwritten in a spiral bound notebook I bought on the first day of a Mediterranean cruise with my then boyfriend. Although I’ve since transcribed that journal, I still have the notebook in my ‘nostalgia box.’ So, first and foremost, this website is for my own recollection; a journal of where I’ve been so that one day in my old age, I can look back and remember and relive it a little.

But the website is also more than that. As we’ve begun thinking about our Big Adventure, we’ve found plenty of resources and advice on other people’s travel blogs, so this site will become our own contribution to the community, recording our learning as we go. There is also, if I’m honest, the hope that it can help us raise money to fund or extend the trip. Quite how it might do that is still open for discussion, which I suppose puts it in the same category as hoping I win the lottery; it’s true, there’s a chance, but let’s not count on it ever happening.

So, is there anyone else out there reading this in the same boat as us?  Drop me a line in the comments!